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In genetics traits are features and characteristics that can be passed from one generation to another.
  • Examples include skin color,cleft chin, blood type, and height.
  • Traits of dogs would include, length of tail, shape of ears and color.
  • Each of these factors can be passed genetically to another generation.
  • Each trait has different forms of the same trait.
  • For example, everyone has a nose, but the nose can have many different shapes. 
  • The different forms of the same trait are called alleles.
  • Traits can also be dominant or recessive
  • Each individual has two alleles for each gene, one coming from mom and the other from dad.
  • A dominant gene can be expressed even if only one copy of the gene is present.
  • A dominant trait can be homozygous which means it has two of the same alleles, or heterozygous which means it has two different alleles.
  • A recessive trait will only be expressed if an individual homozygous recessive.
  • Phenotype is the physical expression of a trait.

See which of these traits that you have.
  • Attached earlobes vs free earlobes
  • Straight hair line vs. widows peak
  • Cleft chin vs no cleft chin
  • Dimples vs no dimples
  • Freckles vs no freckles
  • Tongue roll vs no tongue roll
  • Longer 2nd toe vs shorter 2nd toe

In summary, a trait is a feature that can be passed from one generation to the next.

What are traits?

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