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A composite figure is a shape or object made up of a combination of two or more shapes. For example, the cone below is a combination of a cone and a rectangular prism base.
composite figure cone and rectangular prism
More examples of composite figures.

composite figure
composite figure/two triangles and a rectangle
composite figure/two triangles
Can you figure out which shapes are combined to create these composite figures?  The figures above are combinations of rectangles and triangles, but any regular shape can be combined. The compound figure can also be 3D. 

Finding the volume of these composite figures involves finding the volume of each shape, calculate the volume of each shape, and then adding the volume of these different shapes together. 

In the video below the volume of two different figures is calculated with step by step directions.

The first example involves finding the volume of a composite figure created from a triangular prism placed above a rectangular prism.

The second example involves finding the volume of a composite figure that is a combination of rectangular prism topped of with half a cylinder.

Volume Composite Shapes

Volume Formulas
This list of volume formulas of Geometric shapes will help you find the volume of compound figures. Once you identify the type of shape involved you can use the appropriate volume formula to calculate the volume.

4 Resources to help with calculating the volume of a composite figure.

Volume of a Composite Calculator  A calculator for a composite figure is tricky because you don't know what the shape will look like. This calculator gives you several shapes to pick from and then you add the volumes together.

Finding volume Composite Figure Video  Very helpful video, clear directions. 

Volume of a Composite Figure work sheet   Great worksheet that you can use to quiz yourself, or  use in your class.

Slideshare Volume Composite Figure  This slideshare has 32 slides that gives directions, and information on finding the volume of these compound shapes.
Common Core Standard 7.G.B and 7.G.B.6 

Solve real-world and mathematical problems involving area, volume and surface area of two- and three-dimensional objects composed of triangles, quadrilaterals, polygons, cubes, and right prisms.