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Storage Sacs of cells-Vacuoles

Cell Organelles-Vacuoles
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Middle School Math and Science


A vacuole is an organelle found in plant,animal, and even single celled protists, but not in bacteria.
  • A vacuole is used by cells in order to store water and some wastes.
  • In plants the vacuole is very large, and in animals they are small and there may be more than one vacuole.
  • Some protist have a contractile vacuole that regulates the amount of water found in the protist.
  • The structure of vacuoles is rather simple.  It is contructed of a membrane that surrounds a mass of fluid. In that fluid are nutrients or waste products.
  • Most of a plant cell's volume will depend on the material found in vacuoles. 
  • Those vacuoles gain and reduce water depending on how much water is available to the plant. A drooping plant has lost a lot of its normal water and the vacuoles are shrinking.

Why is a vacuole important?​

Vacuoles may serve a wide variety of functions in a cell, and their importance depends on what role they take up within the cell. Typically, their task include, 
  • Isolating harmful materials 
  • Storing waste material
  • Storing valuable water in a plant cell
  • Helping maintain the pressure within a cell
  • Balancing the pH of a cell
  • Exporting products out of the cell