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Translating words into Inequalities-Word Problems

In this video I give step by step directions for translating words into inequalities.
​These statements use the greater than symbol 

More than 



Greater than 

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Common words that express inequalities

​These statements use the greater than or equal  symbol 

At least 

No fewer than



No less than

​These statements use the less than symbol 

Fewer than 


Less than 

​These statements use the greater than or equal symbol 

No more than 

Not above 

Does not exceed 

At most


Follow these simple steps when trying to translate words into an inequalities. 

Identify the key words or phrase. If you know the list of words and the inequality they represent, this step will be easier.

Circle or underline the keywords

Write out the inequality

Substitute in a number in order to see if it is correct.
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