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The United States was in the depression, and common sense told everyone it was the wrong time to drill for oil. Mr. Richardson convinced a newspaper man to loan him enough money to drill near the Mexico border. It was a huge gamble and guaranteed financial ruin if he didn’t strike oil. 

However, Sid Richardson had studied this piece of land, and his years of experience told him that there was a very good chance he would strike oil. He was right, and the well struck oil, but it produced only a small amount of oil. This allowed him to drill two more wells that struck oil, and eventually the area, called the Keystone Field, produced 500,000 barrels of oil in the next two years. 

In order to be a success you don’t have to take huge financial gambles like Sid Richardson, but you do have to learn how to move out of your comfort zone. Many times these small steps out of your comfort zone can produce large positive results in your life. Moving out of your comfort zone may include introducing yourself to a new person, trying a new sport, or talking in front of people. 

In my early twenties I taught myself how to play piano. I can still remember how terrified I was the first time I played piano in front of a group of people. I could barely move my hands, I was sweating profusely, and missed most of my notes. 

However, I survived and realized it was really fun. I kept playing and eventually played in front of hundreds of people. I had moved out of my comfort zone and it brought great joy to my life. If you would like to learn more about taking risks and moving out of your comfort zone you will enjoy these articles and videos.

Life Happens Outside the Comfort Zone

To reach the fruit you must climb the tree
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In the history of the Texas oil industry, Sid Richardson is a legion. However, before he made his millions he was on the edge of financial ruin. He was heavy in debt and desperately needed to strike oil in order to pay back money owed to banks.