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Success Stories -The magic bullet is consistency

The alarm sounds and the thin runner glances at the clock. The numbers read 5:30, he rubs his eyes, sits up, and gets out of bed. He understands it is Sunday morning and time to run Magnolia. For the last ten years the University of Colorado’s cross country team has had a long Sunday run on Magnolia road. This road is at high-altitude and is hilly. It is an arduous run, and some of the runners will complete eighteen miles on this hilly beast of a road. The team has been rewarded for these hard runs on Magnolia by consistently placing in the top five in the men’s and women’s national cross country meet. 

For most of my adult life I have run one or two marathons a year. One of my life goals has been to qualify for the Boston marathon. I was always in search of that one work out that would help me run a Boston qualifying time. After several years I discovered that “magic” workout. The magic workout is called “consistency”. You become a good marathoner not by completing one really demanding workout, but instead you improve by running consistently. When you put in hard work day after day, week after week, consistently, you improve at almost anything. This same principle can be applied in all areas of my life. 

Just last night I was reading about a drummer who grew his YouTube channel to 500,000 subscribers. He said he started seeing growth when he committed to publishing a new video every Tuesday and Thursday, and then vowing to keep this schedule. John Lee Dumas who has a podcast called “Entrepreneur on Fire” has grown his podcast from zero revenue to over $400,000 a month in under three years. He often credits a large part of his success to his consistency. Since his launch over one thousand episodes ago, he has produced a new podcast every day. His viewers know that every single day he will deliver a new podcast for them to enjoy. 

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one key to success is consistent action