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Study Tips for a Visual Learner

Study Tips Visual Learner
Study tips for visual learners.

We all learn in different ways. Some people like to listen to what they are learning.
There are other people who prefer to touch or grasp what they are learning.

Visual learners like to see what they are learning.
Examples include,reading,writing,diagrams,pictures,videos, and models.

You may be a visual learners if you answer yes to several of these statements.

You prefer directions with pictures over just written directions
When someone is lecturing you create pictures in your mind as they are lecturing.
You prefer a map over written directions.
You enjoy mind maps or graphic organizers.

You may be a visual learner if you prefer three or more of these methods of learning.

  • Crosswords
  • Bulletin boards
  • Written directions
  • Hand written notes
  • Displays
  • Cartoons
  • Youtube videos
  • Pictures
  • Flashcards
  • Diagrams
  • A lecture that includes a powerpoint presentation
​In my book, " Study Skills A teachers secret guide to your best grades," I discuss many ways to improve your grades.

Here are a couple of study tips to help with visual learners.

While studying your notes you can try any of the following study techniques.

  • Highlight key points of your notes. 
  • The bright colors will stand out and will help engage your brain.
  • However, don’t just highlight, instead use different colors for different topics.
  • Each color can be a different subject or topic.

highlighted notes
Convert your notes to mind maps.

A mind map is a visual picture of a particular topic.
In order to create a mind map, place the topic in the center,draw spokes and provide subtopics.
Here is an example.

mind map
This mind map is about tennis. Notice it has the main topic in the middle and sub-topics branching off.

Convert your notes to a graphic organizer.

A graphic organizer is a visual organizer of your notes.
You can create anything that helps you remember the material.
This is great for a visual learner. Here is an example.
mind map
With a graphic organizer you can sort your notes into different categories and then write these in the boxes. It helps convert the notes into a nice visual picture.
Learn to memorize using pictures.

The journey method of memorization uses a journey and visualization in order to memorize new material
You visualize the journey in your mind and use stations along the path as prompts to help you remember the new material.
For example,
I need to memorize the cell organelles.
My journey is at my favorite running route in the park.
I start at a bench so I imagine a brain on the bench for the nucleus.
Next stop is the large tree where I stretch so I imagine the leaves and photosynthesis for the chloroplasts.
You continue on the journey until all of the organelles are included
In fact many memory masters memorize numbers by converting the numbers into pictures.

I have a visual example of the Journey Method in the video I created and posted above.

Use flashcards and always include pictures.

Convert dates or anything that goes in an order into a timeline and draw the timeline out.

You can convert your notes into an outline.
This is exactly how my daughter studies for tests.

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study skills A teachers secret guide to your best grades