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Study Skills Assessment

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For the questions below honestly score yourself
Time Management
1. I have a set time each day when I study.
2. I prepare a “to do” list each day.
3. My school work comes before my social events.
4. I begin major assignments in advance.
5. I prepare for tests by learning a small amount for several days in advance, instead of one long study session the night before an assessment.


Study Aids
1. I have a system for reminding me of tasks I must complete.
2. My notebooks are neat and organized.
3. I summarize my notes.
4. I do quick reviews of my notes often.
5. I use flashcards when studying vocabulary or a large number of topics.


Work- space
1. I have a space dedicated to quiet study.
2. My study space is free from distractions, i.e., noise, phones, TV, etc.
3. My cell phone is turned off while I study.
4. I have all my supplies, notebooks, computer, and books all within reach at my study space.
5. I use my study space consistently.


Test Strategies
1. I carefully read and follow exam questions and all directions.

2. If I don’t understand a question I move on and not waste time trying to find a solution.
3. I go back and check my work after finishing my test.
4. I prepare in advance for all of my tests, exams, or quizzes.
5. When preparing for a test or exam I try to find out what the exam will cover.


1. I try to make good grades for myself and not just to please others.
2. I try to sit near the front of the class if possible.
3. I look at the instructor when he/she is speaking to the class.
4 I complete my assignments before class.
5. I don’t text or check email, Instagram or Facebook during class.


1. I keep a calendar for my school activities, tests, projects, and meetings.
2. I remember to turn in all assignments.
3. I have a system that reminds me to turn in assignments. (phone, agenda, calendar, etc.)
4 My notebooks are divided into sections and kept orderly.
5. I arrive to class with all of my supplies consistently.


Now let's look for areas of strengths and weakness.

Any area that you scored a 17 or below this is an area of weakness.

Any area that you score a 20 or above is a area of strength.

You will get the most improvement by focusing on areas of weakness and trying to improve these area.​

interactive study skills assessment
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