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Student Success Listening Effectively

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Improve your listening skills in the classroom

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Paying attention in class is an essential skill for success in school. You could argue that it may be the most important skill to master for good grades. 

Here are four practical steps to take in order to improve your ability to listen in class.

Step 1. Set up your environment

If you can establish a habit of preparing for class and listening to the teacher this will train your brain to get ready to focus. You’re telling your brain that it is time to focus.
Here are several suggestions.
Get your writing materials out and in front of you.
Set out your planner and paper for writing.
When the teacher begins speaking point your feet towards the teacher. This helps direct your focus towards the teacher.
Avoid distractions. You may even need to choose not to sit next to friends

Step 2. Choose to be interested

Try to create a positive, open mind. Remind yourself that you are going to learn something new today. 
You may tell yourself, “I have to be here, I might as well learn something new.”

Step 3. Be prepared

If there was a reading assignment, complete the reading assignment. If you had homework, at least attempt the homework before coming to class. Your chances of listening and following along will greatly increase the more you know about the topic.

Step 4. Actively Listen

Keep your eyes on the teacher.
Set a goal of making eye contact with your teacher a set number of times.
Listen with a pen or pencil in your hand.
Jot down notes, or draw pictures of what the teacher is talking about. 
Ask questions
Volunteer to answer questions

Start practicing these 4 ideas daily and you will listen more effectively.