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Science Safety Crossword Puzzle


  1 Protects clothing
  5 Instability Color
  6 Wear when working with fire,items under pressure,caustic reagents
  7 Health
  9 Tie this back during the lab
12 Recommended footwear
14 Wash these after each lab
15 Know the location of these
16 Handle these with respect


  2 Disinfect after completing the lab
  3 Wear when handling blood
  4 The lab can be dangerous,avoid this in the lab
  8 Use two hands when carrying
10 Flammable color
11 Do not bring into the lab
13 Special notice color

scienc safety crossword puzzle
Click on the picture to play an interactive version of the Science Safety Crossword Puzzle
The downloadable PDF includes a blank copy and a version with the answers. Feel free to print these for your students. We also create Math and Science videos and have over 1000 videos on our YouTube Channel