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What are ribosomes? 
  • Ribosomes are small protein factories found in cells.
  • They are located in the cytoplasm and on the rough ER.
  • Ribosomes look like small dots on the ER and in the cytoplasm.

How does a ribosome make a protein?
  • mRNA that has been created at the nucleus and travels to the ribosome.
  • tRNA travels to the mRNA and reads it in triplets called codons.
  • The tRNA has an amino acid on one end.
  • The tRNA reads the mRNA and strings the amino acids together in the correct order.
Ribosomes are found in plant,animal, and bacterial cells.

Why is protein important?
  • Protein is used for many functions in the cell.
  • Proteins are used as building blocks and structure suppor. Your skin, and tendons are made up of protein.
  • Some proteins help with digestion.

Proteins help with muscle contraction, and carry oxygen around the body.
These tiny organelles play a very important in helping organisms stay alive.


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