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Qualitative vs Quantitative Data

Data can be statistics, numbers, descriptions, or facts that are collected and analyzed.

Data can take many shapes and forms.

Two ways that data can be divided is by qualitative data and quantitative data.
Quantitative Data is data that is counted or measured. It may help to remember quantitative data by linking qualitative with quantity, and a quantity must be counted. For example, the number of students, the height of a plant, or temperature of the oven.

Qualitative Data is data that is described or has a quality attached to it. For example, qualitative data could be a students gender, the color of a bike, or shape of a box.

Let’s look at some examples of qualitative data vs quantitative data to help us understand the difference between these two types of data.

If you have a pet dog.

Quantitative Data would be the dog has 4 legs and weighs 35 pounds.

Qualitative Data would be the dog is brown and has short hair.

What about a bookshelf?

Quantitative Data would be you have 90 books and is 2 meters tall.

Qualitative Data would be it is red and has a square shape.

Students at a school.

Quantitative Data would be the height of the students in inches or
weight of the students in pounds

Qualitative Data would be a students favorite subject or
which sport they play.

Your automobile

Quantitative Data: Weight of the car
Time from 0 to 60 mph

Qualitative Data: Color of the car
Brand of the car