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Here is a quick overview of  seven memory techniques.

Create a story This technique helps you link the material together by creating a story. The story can be any type of story that helps you remember and doesn’t need to make sense to anyone but yourself. For instance, I need to memorize the major land biomes. My story starts with me in a forest where it is raining, so I remember rainforest, I notice a diner where I order dessert, but the waiter removes an S from the dessert. This helps me remember desert. I stand up and trip over a bright orange cone, which helps me remember coniferous forest. Although these stories seem silly and odd, they can be very effective for remembering information because they help link events or facts together.

Draw a graphic organizer or a diagramMany people like to draw of visualize the information they need to learn. A diagram helps someone see the information. The diagram can be simple or very complex. Here are two examples.

Create a song I can still remember the lyrics from Gilligan’s Island and I haven’t watched this show in twenty years. Pick out a simple tune or a song you love and start writing lyrics that fit the song. You can also Google songs that are already written for what you are learning. My children learned all the countries of South America from a song they found, downloaded, and listened to over and over again.

Create a Mnemonic  . Mnemonics are study techniques that can aid in you retaining the information. The mnemonic can be a name in which each letter represents what you are learning. For example, ROY G BIV stands for Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Indigo, and Violet which are the colors of the visible spectrum. The Mnemonic could be a song like the alphabet song, or a short expression like Please Excuse My Dear Aunt Sally which helps you remember the order of operations. The first letter of each word reminds you of what you are learning. In this case: P=parenthesis, E=exponents, M=multiplication, D=division, A=addition, and s=subtraction. You can even props like your hand to learn the months of the year, or the unit circle.

This technique works really well for lists. 
Here are a couple of related links to help with Peg Words

Journey Technique This technique uses a familiar route you travel to help you remember stuff. You can use your ride to school, a trip around your block, or even a short trip in your house. As you travel the route you place the material you are memorizing on the route. If you use a little imagination and visualization I promise this technique is effective. 

How I used the Journey Method to memorize the presidents of the United States

If the list or material is really long, or contain a large number you can still use these techniques, but it will be helpful to break the material into manageable chunks of information. This is why your phone number and social security number is broken into smaller parts.

Six Stick
Seven Heaven
Eight Gate
Nine Wine
Ten Hen

One Sun 
Two Shoe
Three Tree
Four Door
Five Hive

Acronymic sentence You can create sentence like, “King Henry Died By Drinking Chocolate Milk “to help remember something new. This sentence is used to memorize the metric system. These silly sentences can be really effective for memorizing new material. The nice feature of using acronymic sentences is that they help move material into long term memory so you can still remember the information weeks or months later.

Peg Technique This technique uses peg words to hang the information upon. You relate the new material with the peg words. Because we all know how to count to ten, the peg words rhyme with numbers. 

diagram to help with memorizing good study tips
graphic organizer used to memorize items
flow chart for memory techniques for studying. This flow chart will improve your study skills

Memory Techniques for Studying

Memorizing facts, events, important dates,formulas,or lists, can be an important part of obtaining good grades. Memorizing new information can be difficult and exhausting. There are several tips that can help make memorizing easier, and will help you work smarter not harder. These memory techniques will improve your study skills, and help with your recall of new information. Below you will find a flow chart for memorizing new material. There are seven memory techniques that can be used daily to help you memorize material more effectively. Each of these memory techniques will boost your recall of information, which can lead to improved grades.