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Levels of Organization Crossword Puzzle

Levels of Organization
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Middle School Math and Science

Levels of Organizations-Cells,Tissues,Organs,Organ Systems

In many multicellular organisms, their cells work together to create tissues, tissues create organs, organs create organ systems, and organ systems create organisms.

  • Multicellular organisms like mammals or amphibians have different types of cell, like nerve cells or skin cells.
  • When these similar cells work together they create a tissue.
  • There are several types of tissues.
  • Connective, Epithelial, and Muscle Tissue
  • Connective tissue connects parts of the body together.
  • Common examples are ligaments which connect bones to bones, and tendons which connect muscle to bone.
  • Epithelial tissues are surface tissues like our skin or stomach lining.
  • There are three types of muscles.
  • Smooth muscle tissue is involuntary muscles found inside our body.
  • For example, the muscles inside your stomach are smooth muscles.
  • Skeleton muscles are muscles that are attached to bones.
  • Examples include bicep muscles and forearm muscles.
  • Finally, cardiac muscles are the muscles in your heart.
  • Similar tissues work together to create organs.
  • Examples include your heart, stomach, and kidneys.
  • The organs work together to create organ systems.
  • Common examples are your respiratory system or the circulatory system.
  • The organ systems work together to create an organism.

In summary, cells create tissues, tissues create organs, organs create organ systems, and organ systems create an organism.

Levels of Organization in an Ecosystem

Species: A group of individuals that can breed and produce fertile offspring

Population: Include individuals of the same species, living in the same area and interacting.

Community: Populations of different species living in the same area.

Ecosystem: The interaction of biotic and abiotic factors in an area.

Biosphere: The part of the earth that contain living individuals.


  1 Example of an organ system
  2 A group of cells working together
  5 Portion of the earth with living organisms
  7 All of the biotic factors of an area
  8 Group of tissues working together
  9 Interaction of biotic and abiotic factors in an area
11 Surface tissue like our skin
12 Type of tissue connecting muscle to bone


  1 A ligament is an example of this type of tissue
  3 A group of genetically similar individuals that can produce fertile offspring
  4 Individuals of the same species living n the same area
  6 Organ that pumps blood
10 Smallest structural and functional unit of an organism

levels organization crossword
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