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Kingdom Monera- Bacteria and Archaebacteria

Monera Facts
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The kingdom monera consists entirely of single cell organisms. Members of this kingdom are found almost everywhere on earth. They are found in hot springs,cow's stomach, and almost every surface on earth.

All members of this kingdom do not have a nucleus or membrane bound organelles. Therefore they are classified as prokaryotes.
They do have a cell wall, genetic material, cytoplasm, and ribosomes.
Bacteria get their energy in many different methods.
Some get energy from the sun,others get energy from chemicals like CO2, while others break down organic material.

This kingdom is divided into two groups.
Archaebacteria and bacteria
Archaebacteria is found in extreme environments.
For instance some live in the stomach of a cow, hot springs, the dead sea, and swamps or marshes. They have a different type of cell wall than bacteria and are antibiotic resistant.

Bacteria are found almost everywhere.
They are very important to life on earth.
Although some cause disease, most are very helpful to us.
They break down food in our stomach, help the nitrogen cycle, and even help make some of our food like sauerkraut.
We could not survive without bacteria.

Bacteria can be classified by their shape.
Coccus has a sphere shape
Spirillum have a spiral shape
Bacillus have a rod shape.

Most members of monera kingdom reproduce asexually in a process called binary fission, but some reproduce sexually in a process called conjugation.

  • They are very primitive organisms.
  • All organisms of the kingdom are prokaryotes.
  • They are present in both living and non-living environment.
  • They are able to survive in harsh and intensive climatic circumstances like in hot springs, acidic soils or your stomach.
  • They are single celled organisms.
  • A membrane-bound nucleus is absent.
  • They contain genetic material. (DNA)
  • A rigid cell wall is present.
  • Membrane-bound cellular organelles like chloroplasts are absent.
  • Monerans are located everywhere on Earth, in hot springs, under ice, in the deep ocean floor, in deserts and on or inside the body of plants and animals.
  • The way they produce energy varies. Kingdom Monera may prepare their own meals, heterotrophs - rely upon others for foodstuff, saprophytes - feed on the dead and decaying subject, parasitic - live on other web host cells for survival. 
  • Some members of the kingdom need oxygen for survival,others die in the presence of oxygen.
  • They use diffusion to move materials inside and out of their single cell.
  • Some move by using flagella.
  • Reproduction is mainly asexual, sexual reproduction is also seen in a process called conjugation.
  • They are vital for life on Earth and help all organisms on Earth daily.
  • They are very important for the Nitrogen cycle.
Monera Kingdom Facts