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Table of Contents 
Circles Unit 1

Lesson 1: Circles-Geometry Vocabulary

Lesson 2: Tangents and Circles

Lesson 3: Circles - Central angles, arc measures, major and minor arcs

Lesson 4: Circles - Arcs and Angles

Lesson 5: Chords on a Circle

Lesson 6: More Chords on a Circle

Lesson 7: Inscribed Angles of a circle

Lesson 8: Inscribed angles and angles outside the circle

Lesson 9: Inscribed angles problems

Circles Unit 2

Lesson 1 Circles, Tangent, Secants, and Chords

Lesson 2: Circles, Chords and Secant Segments

Lesson 3: Finding the circumference of a circle and arc Length

Lesson 4: Finding the area of a circle and the sector area

Lesson 5: Finding the circumference, diameter, and radius of a circle

Lesson 6: Finding the surface area and the volume of a sphere

Lesson 7 and 8 have a seperate page. Please follow the link

Lesson 7 Proportions and Review

Lesson 8 Hemispheres

Circles - CCSS- HSG.C.A.2

High School Geometry: Domain Circles