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Immune System Quiz

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1. What is your first line of defense against pathogens?

A. White blood cells
B. Running a fever
C. Your skin

2.What is the name of the tiny hairs that line your nose and trap dirt and pollen?

A. Mucus
B. Cilia
C. Dandruff

3. What is the name of the fluid that leaks out of capillaries?

A. Blood
B. Lymphocytes
C. Lymph

4.Which of the following help the lymphatic system fight disease?

A. Lymphocytes
B. Lymph nodes
C. A and D

5. How does the thymus help fight pathogens?

A. It creates red blood cells
B. Helps create T-cells
C. Exchanges oxygen for carbon dioxide

6. How does the skeletal system help with the immune system?

A. Supports the lungs
B. Produces lymphocytes
C. Protects your heart

7. Which of the following could be a pathogen?

A. Bacteria
B. Protist
C. Virus
D. All of the above

8. Which type of cell would attack and engulf a pathogen?

A. Red blood cell
B. White blood cell
C. Platelet

9. What are two types of lymphocytes?

A. H-cell B-cell
B. B-cells T-cells
C. WBC and RBC

1. What are two types of T-cells that fight pathogens?

A. RBC and WBC
B. Helper and Natural Killer
C. B-cell and T-cell

2. A macrophage is which type of immune cell?

A. Phagocyte
B. Red blood cell

3. The name of the protein group which finds pathogens that enter our body.

A. Lymphocytes
B. Disease system
C. Complement System

4. Which type of T-cells destroys infected cells?

A. Helper T-cell
B. B- cell
C. Killer T- cell

5. How do memory B-cells help your body fight disease?

A. Destroy germs
B. Signal the brain
C. Make it much easier to recognize the pathogen next time

6. What is one item B-cells create to fight pathogens?

A. antigens
B. antibodies
C. white blood cells

7. How do memory B-cells help?

A. Destroy germs
B. Signal the brain
C. Make it much easier to recognize the pathogen next time

8. A marker on the pathogen is called?

A. Lymphocytes
B. Macrophage
C. Antigen

9.T-cells mature in which part of the lymphatic system?