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Human Body Crossword Puzzle

human body crossword puzzle
Click on the picture of the Human body Systems crossword to play an interactive version of the Science Safety Crossword Puzzle
Feel free to print these for your students. We also create Math and Science videos and have over 1000 videos on our YouTube Channel
The Human Body Crossword Puzzle PDF includes a blank copy with word bank and a copy with the answers

Crossword Puzzle Human Body Systems

  1 This system moves blood throughout your body
  3 Provides movement inside and outside the body
  5 Supports, protects the body
  7 Breaks down your food
10 Contains glands that release hormones
12 Kidney ,ureters ,bladder are important organs of this system
13 This system is your skin
14 Muscles found in the heart


  2 Contains joints ,tendons ,ligaments
  4 This system contains millions of alveoli
  6 Controls the body with electrical signals
  8 Carries lymph throughout your body
  9 Main job is to fight disease
11 Contols the body with electrical signals