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How to Study Effectively-9 Study Skills

Study Skill # 1 While reading assigned text instead of highlighting summarize sections in the margins of the book, or you can use a sticky note for the summaries. 

This serves two purposes. First by writing a simple summary your brain has to process what you just read which will increase recall. In addition you can use these summaries for a quick review later.

Study Skill # 2 Have a goal for reading. 

Give your brain a goal and a reason for reading. Look at the questions at the end of the chapter for insight before reading. If there are not any questions then ask yourself “How can I teach what I just read to someone?” By developing this simple habit of asking yourself “What is my goal for reading” you can greatly increase your recall and comprehension.

Study Skill # 3 Incorporate study triggers into your routine  

If you want to get in the habit of checking your agenda each day then think about your routine and set your agenda in a location where you are guaranteed to see it each morning. If you want to read each night before going to bed then set your book on your pillow earlier in the day.

Study Skill # 4 Check out ANKI 

This is a program that allows you to create “friendly, intelligent flash cards.” The power of ANKI is that when you review the flashcard the program will rate each card and will ask you the questions you missed more often than the ones you got correct the next time you review the list of flashcards.

Study Skill # 5 If you don’t want to write down summaries like I suggested in study skill # 1 then you can practice a simple recall of the key points from what you just read without looking at the book.

After reading a section or page, or several pages stop and try to summarize what you just read without looking at the book.

Study Skill # 6 For motivation dream about where your studies will take you. 

Create a mental picture of this. It could be having your family being very proud of you, or your dream job, or attending a great college. Remind yourself often of where your studies can take you in the future.

Study Skills # 7 If you want to improve your focus then you can try the following. 

Begin a timed study session with a pad of paper handy. Each time you become distracted write down the distraction. If you do this a couple of times you will know what distracts you and then you can work on eliminating these distractions.

Study Skills # 8 When studying for a Math test, jump around from one topic to another. 
Work on one section for a while and then work a previous section, and then jump ahead, and then back to the original section. Moving around to these different sections will greatly increase your recall of the Math sections later.

Study Skill # 9 Convert your notes or reading sections into mind maps. 

The mind maps can convert several pages of notes into a single mind map. You then can just review the mind maps before the test.