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Golgi Apparatus

Golgi Apparatus
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Middle School Math and Science

How does the golgi apparatus help the cell?

The golgi apparatus is sometimes describes as a post office because it repackages proteins and chemicals and ships them to locations in the cell.

  • The golgi apparatus receives proteins from the rough er and repackages the proteins and chemicals into vesicles that are sent out to three locations.
  • The golgi apparatus is found in eukaryotic cells.
  • It is located near the nucleus and found in the cytoplasm. It is part of a transportation system the cell uses to move proteins and other important molecules like lipids around the cell.
  • The golgi apparatus has two faces. The CIS face points towards the ER and is the receiving side, and the trans face which points towards the membrane.
  • The Golgi apparatus receives proteins, lipids, and materials from the ER. 
  • The endoplasmic reticulum sends these molecules to the golgi apparatus in vesicles. 
  • The golgi body receives the vesicles on the CIS side. 
  • Once at the golgi apparatus the proteins and lipids are repackaged into a new vesicle and sent out to other parts of the cell.
  • For example, vesicle with digestive enzymes pinch off from the golgi body and become lysosomes.
  • Other vesicles travel to the cell membrane and go out of the cell using a protein channel.

In summary, a golgi apparatus receives materials from the ER, repackages them, and sends them back out to new locations in the cell.