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Geometry Terms Crossword Puzzles with Printable Answers


  1 Angles adding to 180 degrees.
  4 Parallelogram with equal sides.
  6 A flat surface in which a straight line would be found.
  9 Two lines that are at 90 degrees to each other.
11 A branch of Math that deals with relationships of lines,angles, and solids.
12 Amount of space an object takes up.
13 Angle Angles adding to 90 degrees.
15 Another term for equal.
16 Part of a circle created by a line and connecting arc.


  2 Plane shape with 4 straight lines.
  3 Amount of space inside an object.
  5 A set of points with infinite length but no width or height.
  7 A part of any curve.
  8 A triangle,rectangle are examples.
10 A set of points an equal distance from a point in a 3D plane.
13 A set of points an equal distance from a given point.
14 An angle measuring 90 degrees

geometry terms crossword puzzle
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List of Geometry Terms Covered in this Crossword Puzzle

Complementary Angle
Supplementary Angle
Line Parallogram
Perpendicular Lines
Right Angle