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  • Your genotype is your genetic code of your cells. This genetic code is responsible for many of your traits. 
  • The physical expression of this genetic code is your phenotype.
  • The genetic information is stored in chromosomes on sections called genes.
  • A gene is a portion of DNA that codes for a trait.
  • When a gene is stained you can see lines or bands. These bands are the genes of a chromosome.
  • For each trait you get some information from mom and some from dad.
  • The different forms of the same trait are called alleles.
  • The genotype can writen several different ways.
  • Homozygous dominant is written with two capital letters for the two dominant alleles.(BB)
  • Homozygous recessive has two recessive alleles (bb), and a heterozygous genotype has two different alleles. ( Bb )
  • For example, there is different hair texture. These different forms of hair texture are alleles. It is still hair, just different forms.
  • A dominant allele will cover up or mask a recessive allele.
  • You will only get a recessive allele if both alleles are recessive.
  • Your phenotype is the actual expression of the genotype.
  • For example a dog has a round nose, and a cat may have black hair. 
  • These are physical expression of the genetic code.

Genotype vs Phenotype

Genotype vs Phenotype
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I love dogs. My current dogs are rescue dogs. If you look at my dog Rollins you can see some dalmation,lab, and other dog breds. This is because Rollins looks a little like his mother and a little like his father. The genetic code for the way he looks is called his genotype. The physical expression is his phenotype.