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Functions of the Liver in the Human Body

Liver Functions
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Why your liver is so important ?

The liver is the largest internal organ.

It is very important to all organisms that have a liver and we would quickly die without a liver.

The liver has many functions.
  • It aids in digestions, stores important nutrients, and is a manufacturing plant.
  • The liver produces a green substance called bile. Bile is used in the large intestine to break down fats. Bile is stored in the gallbladder.
  • The liver helps detoxify toxins.
  • It detoxes alcohol, and converts ammonia into a less toxic urea
  • During exercise it breakdown glucose that it stores into glycogen
  • It stores vitamin B12 iron and copper
  • It produces blood clotting proteins and many hormones.
  • It also helps the immune system.

Your organ is a superstar organ and works hard to keep us alive

the liver
If you look at the picture above the liver is located in the top right part of your abdomen, and below your lungs. It has a brown color and is divided into three lobes.

An adult liver weighs around 2 to 3 pounds ( 1200-1400 grams) and is roughly 6 inches in length. ( 15 centimeters)

The liver is shaped a little like a wedge and is feels like a dense sponge.

It is very to keep your liver healthy.
An unhealthy liver can be very dangerous and damaging to your health.
Common diseases of the liver include fatty liver disease, cirrhosis,
hepatitis, and alcoholic disease.

A healthy diet with lots of green vegetables, and limited alcohol consumption can help keep your liver happy.


Where is your liver located?