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Flower Parts Crossword Puzzle

Click on the picture to play an interactive version of the Cell Crossword Puzzle

  1 The portion of the flower that contain the ovules
  5 The stalk of the flower
  7 The male portion of a flower
  8 The portion of the flower used to visually attract insects
10 Flowers that have both male and female parts
12 A thredlike structure that holds up the anther
13 A tubelike structure that holds up the stigma
14 The female portion of a flower


  1 When fertilized this becomes the seed
  2 The portion of the flower in which the parts are attached
  3 When the ovary becomes fertilized it will grow into this structure
  4 Flowering Plants
  6 Flowers with only all male parts or all female parts
  9 Where pollen germinates
11 The portion of the flower that where pollen is produced.

flower parts crossword puzzle
Feel free to print and use the crossword for yourself or students. Use the link below.

Flower parts download PDF for Printing. Includes solution

Concepts covered in the flower part crossword puzzle.

Angiosperm,anthem, filament,fruit,ovary,ovule,peduncle,petals pistil,stamen,stigma