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Dog Crossword Puzzle

Dog Crossword Puzzle

Dog Crossword Puzzle

Crossword covering Dogs

1 2 3
  4   5  
6 7             8            
  11 12   13   14

7.Rin Tin Tin was this type of dog
9.Location dogs sweat glands
10.These dog bark often
15.Barkless dog breed
16.Each dog has a unique one of these
17.Popular sweet, but harmful to dogs
19.Most popular dog
1.This kennel club was founde in 1884
2.Number of eyelids a dog has
3.One of the smartest dog
4.Country with the greatest dog population
5.Bred to fight badgers
6.Born completly white before developing spots
8.Life span of flat nose dog
11.Fastest dog
12.The taco bell dog
13.Heavest breed of dog
14.Name of cracker jack dog
18.Oldest dog breed


Basic Dog Crossword Puzzle


  3 Sound dog makes when angry
  5 Dogs wagg this
  6 Have smushed,wrinkled faces
  7 Sound a dog makes
  8 A dog doctor
  9 Used to walk a dog


  1 Dog without a tail
  2 Dogs younger than 1 year
  4 Most popular dog breed
  5 Number of eyelids a dog has
  6 Where dogs sweat

dog crossword puzzzle