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Digestive Enzymes Crossword Puzzle

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Enzyme Crossword Puzzle

Download this Digestive Enzyme crossword puzzle and answer key

PDF Enzyme Crossword

 2 Breaks down lipids
  6 Digestion begins here
  8 Glands found in the mouth
  9 Organ secretes juice made of several enzymes
10 Main enzyme found in the stomach
11 Breaks down carbohydrates
13 Speed up chemical reactions


  1 Enzyme breaks down dairy products
  3 Protein digestions begins here
  4 First section small intestines
  5 How food travels from mouth to stomach
  7 Found in pancreatic juice
12 Liquid that passes from stomach to small intestine

Word Bank:  pepsin,  duodenum,  amylase, 1 pancreas,  lipase,  salivary;   stomach, lactase,  chyme,  mouth,  trypsinogen, enzymes,  esophagus

Interactive enzyme crossword
This video from MooMooMath and Science covering digestive  enymes will help complete this crossword puzzle.