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Demonstration: Volume of a Square Pyramid and a Prism

In this demonstration, a prism, and a square pyramid that have equal bases, and equal heights are filled with water in order to show that the volume of a pyramid is 1/3 the volume of a prism. The video shows you both mathematically, and with a demonstration, this fact.

The volume of a geometric shape is the amount of space the 3D shape occupies. It is always expressed in units cubed. 

The volume formula for a prism equals the length times width times the height of the prism.
The formula is written   l*w*h

The volume formula for a square pyramid equals 1/3 times length times width times the height of the pyramid.
The formula is written  1/3*l*w*h

According to the formula it takes three pyramids to fill up one prism with an equal height and base.

Watch this demonstration to see what happens when you fill up three pyramids, and pour them into a prism.

Common Core Standard: 6GA2  Apply the formulas V = l w h and V = b h to find volumes of right rectangular prisms 
Four additional resources for finding the volume of a prism and pyramid

Volume of a prism calculator  This calculator is accurate,easy to use, and a great way to check your homework.

Volume of a square pyramid calculator   Check your homework with this volume calculator. I found this calculator the most helpful compared to other calculators.

Volume of a square pyramid worksheet  Great worksheet with several example problems. Includes an answer key so you can check your work.

Volume of a prism worksheet  Helpful worksheet for your class, or to just quiz yourself. Includes answers.