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Human body systems crossword puzzle

Click on the picture to play an interactive version of the
Human body Crossword Puzzle

skeletal system crossword puzzle

  3 provides chemical communication in the body
  6 creates red blood cells
10 removes carbon dioxide from the body


  1 gather information for the brain
  2 our skin which is an important line of defense against germs
  4 breaks down food chemically and mechanically
  5 moves blood around the body
  7 collects and transports a clear fluid
  8 provides movement inside and outside our body
  9 uses the kidneys to filter our blood

Download this Human body crossword puzzle and answer key

PDF of Human body Systems Crossword Puzzle
Circulatory System
Function: Moves blood around the body
Parts involved: Heart, arteries, and veins 
Importance: This system delivers oxygen and nutrients to organs and cells 
Carries waste products away.

Digestive system
Function: Mechanical and chemical processes that break down food.
Parts involved: mouth, esophagus, stomach and small and large intestines.
Importance: Provide nutrients for the body, and eliminates waste

Endocrine system
Function: Chemical communications within the body using hormones.
Parts involved: pancreas, glands such as adrenal gland
Importance: Chemically regulates actions of the body

Integumentary system
Function: Outside protection from pathogens
Parts involved: skin, hair, nails, sweat glands.
Importance: Protection from disease

Lymphatic system / Immune system
Function: Collect and transport lymph
Parts involved: spleen, lymphatic vessels
Importance: Protects the body against germs that may endanger the body.

Muscular system
Function: Helps with movement inside and outside the body
Parts involved: Smooth, cardiac, skeletal muscles
Importance: Helps us move

Nervous system:
Function: Gathers information from the body with nerves and the brain then tells the muscles to contract
Parts involved: brain, neurons
Importance: Controls all of our actions

Urinary system
Function: The system where the kidneys filter blood.
Parts involved: kidney, urethra
Importance: Eliminates waste

Respiratory system
Function: Bring oxygen into the body and carbon dioxide out of the body.
Parts involved:Lungs,trachea,diaphragm
Importance: Oxygen is used for cellular respiration

Skeletal system
Function: Support, protection of organs, and movement
Pars involved: Bones, ligaments, tendons
Importance: Protection, and creates red blood cells

Human body Systems Facts