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I have been blessed with three children. Like most parents of children it has been a fun, exhausting, stressful, wonderful time raising my children. At times I can’t remember what life was like without children. I can still remember strapping my tiny son in his car seat for his ride home from the hospital. My wife and I were both teachers and we figured there was no way we could live on just one salary. We had  decided we would both work, but we had a problem. We just couldn’t leave our child during the day. Each Sunday we would get this sinking feeling because we had to leave our child for the day and head off to work. After a year of both of us working full time we were exhausted, miserable, and my wife was pregnant with number two. During our first years of marriage we never had to manage our money. We saved a small amount, paid the bills, and spent anything left over. We depended on both salaries and couldn’t imagine only having one salary. If one of us left our job it would be would be financial ruin. 

One day while shopping at Target I stumbled across a book titled The Tightwad Gazette. The book taught you how to be frugal with your money. When I mean frugal, it was unlike anything I had ever read about. It was like getting a black belt in being frugal, and for some reason it struck a chord with me. I bought the book and went home and read it in one sitting. I then handed the book to my wife, and she read it. We then decided that only one of us would work, and we would give ourselves three months before my wife quit her job. We rolled up our sleeves and started a life of frugality. We paid off debt, slashed our grocery bill in half, reduced our electric bill, and never had so much fun. It became a game for us to see how much we could reduce our spending. After two years I realized something, we now saved more, and had less debt, compared to when we both worked. Now that my children are grown I can say that was the best decision we ever made. We could have settled in and just said, “I guess we are trapped in this unhappy lifestyle forever,” but instead we did something we had never done before. If you want change in your life, you can’t keep doing the same things and expect different results. Jeff Bezos quit his job as vice president of an investment firm in order to start an online book store. In interviews he describes how he left his job because he didn’t want to look back and regret not participating in the internet business boom. This online book store he quit his job for became Amazon. Learn more about making life changes you will enjoy these articles.

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