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Cell Division Crossword Puzzle


Cell Division

Cell Division

Questions covering the Cell Cycle

1 2
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3.Cell containing nucleus
4.Extend from centrioles
5.Identical copies single chromosome
7.Condensed genentic material
13.Spindle fibers attach at this location
14.Pairs of chromosomes but not identical
15.Spindle fibers play tug of war
1.Go away during prophase
2.Nucleur Division
6.Daughter cells created
8.Longest stage
9.Protein/Dna Complex
10.During which stage do the chromosomes unwind?
11.During which stage do the chromosomes align in the middle of the cell?
12.Chromosomes appear


The Mitosis video will help solve the cell cycle crossword puzzle. 

In the video I review prophase,metaphas, anaphase and telophase. 

In addition I review sister chromatids,centrioles, and spindle fibers.