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​Brain Boosters 14 ways to improve and boost your brain

Your brain is not a static part of your body. It has the property of plasticity which means it can change, learn new material, and become more efficient and less efficient.
Keep your brain happy and stimulated with these 14 brain boosting activities.

Learn to drum
Playing a musical instrument stimulates the brain, and reduces harmful stress.

Drink this shake
Mix bananas,,blueberries, and Kale.The kale and berries have been proven to help keep the brain healthy

Learn to speak a new language
Think of learning a new language like exercise for the brain. It strengthens the brain and can help prevent long term memory loss.

Brush your teeth with the opposite hand
Learning new tasks helps stimulate the brain, which is good for your brain.

Solve a puzzle 
Solving puzzles,riddles, or math problems is great exercise for the brain.

Learn a new dance routine
This task helps reduce stress, stimulates the brain, and increases your heart rate, All three of these activities are great for your brain health.

Memorize all the birthdays and important family dates
Impress all of your friends and family by memorizing their birthday, and exercise your brain.

Meditate daily 
Daily meditation has been found to increase grey matter in your hippocampus, and prefrontal cortex. 

Go for a walk by yourself,with a friend, or a pet Exercise improves many cognitive functions in the brain.

Go for a bike ride   
Again the exercise will do the brain good. It has been found that exercise improves the executive function of the brain. Your hippocampus will say “thank you” 

Send a thank you card,email or private message to help lower your stress. 
Giving back to others is a great destresser. Stress causes your cortisol levels to increase which can have a negative long term effect on your brain.

Bring in a treat for the people you work with
This good deed will help stimulate the reward circuit of your brain which helps make a happy brain

Try to find a new use for an item you normally recycle
This task requires some creativity which strengthens and stimulates both sides of the brain.

To to fix something at your house that you have never fixed before

Solving this problem will strengthen and stimulate your brain.