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Aquatic Biomes Crossword Puzzle


  1 percentage that aquatic biomes make up earth
  3 marsh,swamp,bogs
  6 aquatic biome with low salt concentration
  7 top zone of a lake or pond
10 zone where ocean meets meets land


  2 aquatic biome with mixture fresh and salt water
  4 freshwater biome with little water movement
  5 barriers along continents
  8 fresh water biome with flowing water
  9 largest of all ecosystems

aquatic biomes crossword
Feel free to use this aquatic biome crossword with students or as you please.
You can also solve the crossword online by using the interative puzzle link below.
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Helpful Information Aquatic Biomes

Major Aquatic Biomes

Ocean : This biome covers roughly 70 percent of the Earth. It has a huge diversity of animals and lots of plankton floating on the surface.

Coral Reefs:  These structures are found in warm, shallow water and are created from coral and algae. They contain a huge variety of living organisms.

Freshwater: This aquatic biome can be broken down into rivers and streams which have water that flows, and lakes and ponds. Lake can e as large as thousands of square miles such as the Great Lakes. Ponds are sometimes very small.

Estuary: This aquatic biome has fresh water flowing into it and has an opening to salt water. As a result, the water is a mixture of fresh and saltwater.

Wetlands: Major wetlands include swamps, marshes, fens, and bogs. They are literally "wetlands."

Helpful Resource

The Aquatic Biomes

Aquatic Biomes Video