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A Cell Crossword Puzzle


  5 Sunlight is converted to sugar at this organelle
  6 Division of the nucleus
  8 Does not contain a cell wall
12 Chemical process that converts sunlight to sugar
13 Contain chloroplasts
15 A cell with a nucleus
16 Transports and repackages 
18 Gives the cell support
19 Stores food and water for the cell
20 First to realize animals are made of cells


  1 A cell without a nucleus
  2 Person who named cells
  3 Powerhouse of the cell
  4 Protein factories
  7 Organelles are located in this liquid
  9 Semi-permeable membrane surrounding the cell
10 DNA is found here
11 Surrounds plant cells
14 Breaks down old cell parts at this location
17 Heredity material found in the cell

cell crossword puzzle
Click on the picture to play an interactive version of the Cell Crossword Puzzle
Feel free to use this Cell Crossword puzzle with students or to help review the cell. Just use the download link below. The download contains a blank puzzle and the answer key. Enjoy!!
Information that will help you on the cell crossword puzzle

  • Nucleus: Location of DNA
  • Cytoplasm: Gel-like material found between the nucleus and the cell membrane
  • Chloroplasts: Site of photosynthesis
  • Cell membrane: Surrounds the cell and is semipermeable
  • Endoplasmic Reticulum: Helps move material around the cell
  • Ribosome: Where proteins are made.
  • Cell Wall: Rigid material that surrounds plant cells
  • Lysosomes: Break Down old cell material. The recycle centers of a cell.
  • Eukaryotic cells: Contain membrane-bound organelles and a nucleus
  • Prokaryotic Cells: Do not have a nucleus

Cells are the basic building blocks of matter. 

When cells combine they create a tissue. 
A group of tissues working together creates an organ, and organs create an organism.
plant and animal to help with cell crossword