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What is slope?

What is the formula for slope?

How do calculate the change in y and the change in x?

How do you find slope?
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Slope of a straight line

Slope and Equation of Lines
slope of line calculator
 To see if the line has a positive or negative slope move from left to right to see if the line is going upward or downward.

two graphs show the slope of  line

Hi welcome to MooMooMath. Today we are going to look at slope of a line. Let’s first look at some basic guidelines for slopes. This first line (line M) has a positive slope. How do we know that? As we are going up left to right the line is going upward. Let’s look at the second line. We will call it line N Line N has a negative slope because as you go from left to right it slopes downward. Think of this as reading. As you move from left to right the line will either be going up (positive slope) or downward (negative slope) Now to define the slope it is fairly simple. What you will do is count our rise which is our change in our Y direction or the Y axis over the change in X which is a left or a right count. So I’m going to choose any two points on the line (they can be any two points) and count from one point to another in a right triangle form. So I will count how many units I go up and how many units do I go over. So I will count up three so my rise is positive 3 units and our run (x direction) is one unit. So if I put that together I will have a rise of three over a run of 1 so my line will have a slope of positive 3 so now let’s look at the slope of our second line. (Line N) So this time I actually go down one so it is negative 1 for the rise and I will count over 1,2,3,4 for the run so my slope will be negative 1 over 4 is negative one fourth. I usually go up or down first and then always run my x direction in a positive direction. Hope this video was helpful.

How to find the Slope of a Line

When finding slope start at the point on the left so for line M start at (-1,0) and for N start at (0,1)

More practice problems on finding slope

 Line m has a slope of positive 3
A rise of 3 over a run of 1 = +3

Line n has a slope of negative 1/4 
A rise of -1 over a run of 4 = negative 1/4
Positive Slope
Negative Slope
m = change in y-value
         change in x-value
which is also known as
If you were walking up a hill how could you describe the steepness of the hill or if you were walking up the hill or down the hill?

Slope is a number used in Math to describe how steep a line is and if the line is going uphill or downhill.

The letter m is used to represent slope.

Fun reminder: m stands for mountain and mountains have slope

walking up a hill to illustrate how to find the slope of  a line
which can be written as

Step One: Pick any two points on the line.

Step Two: Select one of the points to represent (x1, y1) and the other will represent (x2, y2).

Step Three: Use the equation to find the slope of a line and plug the numbers from step two into the slope equation

green line
green line on slope of line page

Positive or Negative Slope

slope/ green line
Find the slope of a line passing through points (5,4) and (9,2)
Video answer "Slope of a Line passing through points (5,4) (9,2)"

Follow these steps for calculating the slope of a straight line. Curved lines are a different story.

Sample problem finding Slope of Line

Slope of Line Calculator

How to find the slope of a ramp.

how to calculate the slope of a ramp
Apply the slope of a line equation to find the slope of a ramp 30 units tall and 360 units long

Slope of ramp problem # 1

What is the slope of a ramp that is 30 units tall and 360 units long?
Slope equals rise over run.
The rise is 30 units and the run equals 360 units.
30       reduce this fraction  1   equals the slope.
360                                         12    

You will see this format describing the slope of a ramp as a ratio
Ratio: 1:12 (rise of 1 over run of 12) or 1:16 (rise of 1 over run of 16)
When you see the ratio 1:12, that means for every inches the ramp rises the horizontal length must be 12 inches long. Likewise, a 1:16 ratio is a shallower ramp that requires a 16 inch horizontal distance for every 1 inch rise. 

Transcript: How to find the slope of a line.

Application problem for finding the slope of a line.

Questions answered with this video..

How do you find the slope of a ramp?

What does a 1 to 16 and a 1 to 12 ratio ratio look like?

How do figure out the length of a ramp?
If a ramp has a ratio of 1 to 12 and is 30 inches tall how long should the ramp be?