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In order to find the volume of the truck multiply length x width x height 180 x 90 x 70 = 1134000 cubic inches

The volume of the box equals 30 x 20 x 30 =   18,000 cubic inches

Divide the volume of the truck by a single box in order to find how many boxes the truck will hold.
1,134,000/7200 = 63 boxes per truck.

He will need to order two trucks in order to ship 110 boxes.

Mr. B has to figure out how many truck to order in order to ship his inventory. He has 110 boxes that measure 180 inches by 90 inches, by 70 inches. The boxes he needs to ship measure 24 inches by 10 by 30 inches. How many trucks will he need to order?

real life prism /box
real life prism/truck
Common Core Standard: 5.MD.5
2( length*width + width*height+ height*width) 
or you can write the formula as   2(lw +wh + hw)
patterns of a prism
patterns of a prismpatterns of a prismpatterns of a prism
patterns of a prism

​Patterns of a Prism

The number of Faces = The number of sides of your Bases + 2

The number of Edges = The number of sides of your Bases x 3

The number of Vertices = Number of sides of your bases x 2 ​

( vertices are the corners of the rectangular prism)

Rectangular Prism-Geometry Shapes

Transcript Rectangular Solid
Hi Welcome to MooMooMath. Today we are going to look at what a rectangular solid is. Another name for that is a rectangular prism. Remember a prism is a three dimensional figure that has parallel bases. So this one has a parallel base to the bottom even though this is not a perfect drawing. So what is a rectangular solid? You have to have a closed figure and it is going to have faces, and a face is basically like the side of a box. So the four faces around the sides are called lateral area, and it has a top face and a bottom face so this one has 6 faces. Now it also has what we call vertices. Now vertices are a fancy word for what we call corners. So a good way to remember it is by how many corners it has. So let’s see we have (counts the number of corners) this one has 8 vertices. Next, how many edges does it have? Edges are just the lines that create it. (Counts the number of edges) So it has twelve edges. So you go around the top and there are four and you go around the bottom and there are four and if you go on the sides and there are four. So that one has 12 edges. There is a pattern going on here. If your base has four sides to find the faces you will add two. If you know the base has four sides you will multiple by two to get the number of vertices. If you know your base has four sides you multiple by three to get the edges. You can apply this to other rectangular solids. 

Properties of a rectangular prism
The base of this rectangular prism has 4 sides so let's apply the patterns.

4 + 2 = 6   Number of faces

4 X 3 =12  Number of edges

4 x 2 = 8   Number of vertices
Example of a Rectangular Prism
example of a rectangular prism
Rectangular Face
Rectangular Face
Rectangular base
Rectangular base
surface area prism
Calculate the surface area and volume of the rectangular prism with a length of 8 units, width of 4 units, and a height of 6 units.
Volume = L * W * H = 8*6*4 = 192 units^3

Surface Area = 2(lw + wh +hl)

                            2( 8*4 + 4*6 + 6*8)
                            2( 32 + 24 + 48)
                            2( 104) =208 units^2
rectangular prisms

Attributes of a Rectangular Prism:

Formulas for a Rectangular Prism

* Surface area

A rectangular prism is a 3D (Three Dimensional Object), with parallel bases

Rectangular Prism in Real Life

Volume of a rectangular prism = length x width x height
A Rectangular Prism has 6 faces
rectangular prism has 6 faces
All angles are right angles
rectangular prism all angles are right
A Rectangular Prism has 12 edges
rectangular prism has 12 edges
Has 8 vertices ( corners)
rectangular prism has 8 corners