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Answer Key:  Number 1. 8 Number 2. 16.25 Number 3.12.40 
Number 4. 19.45  Number 5. 2.5 Number 6. 28 Number 7. 16 
Number 8. 2 Number 9. 32 Number 10. 5
Number 11. 31 Number 12. 10 Number 13. 26  
Number 14. 30 Number 15. 18

Common Core Standard for one step equation word problems: 6.EE.B.6
13. Last week Howard had 26 dollars. He washed windows over the weekend and now has 52 dollars. How much money did he make washing windows? 

14.Nathan has 35 books in his library. He bought several books at a yard sale
over the weekend. He now has 65 books in his library. How many books
did he buy at the yard sale ? _____________

15. There were 6 soccer balls in the bag. Coach B. found several additional soccer balls, and placed them in the bag.There are now 24 balls in the bag. How many soccer balls did he pick up?

Pre-algebra word problems involving one step equations.

1. How many packs of gum can you buy with $16 if one pack of gum costs $2?

2. Donna and her friend found some money. They split the money evenly, each getting $32.50 How much money did they find?

3.Kim wants to buy a new watch that costs $87.60. How much change does she receive if she gives the cashier $100?

4. After paying $2.30 for a drink, Bryon has $17.15. How much money did he have before buying the drink? 

5. A recipe for cookies calls for 3 cups of sugar. Katie has already put in half a cup. How many more cups does she need to put in? 

6. John was given g $14.00 in order to buy a gift. This covered half of the cost. How much did the gift cost?

7.Your dog ate 12 of your notecards for school. That was 3/4 of your notecards that you need to turn in. How many notecards had you completed?

8.Lisa is baking a cake. The recipe calls for 5 cups of sugar. She has already put in 3
 cups. How many more cups of sugar does she need
to add?

9. Bob and his four friends decided to divide the pizza bill evenly. If each
person paid $8 then what was the total price for the pizza?

10. How many rounds of golf can you play with $400 if one round costs $80?

11. Last Thursday Drew had $30. Over the weekend he received some money for
cutting the grass. He now has $61. How
much money did he get paid for cutting the grass? 

12. Last week Adam ran 25 miles more than Katie. Adam ran 35 miles. How many miles did Katie run? 

One step equation word problems

Steps for solving a one-step equation.  

Step 1. Draw a line from the equal sign. 
Step 2. Move variables to the left of this line by performing the opposite operation. 
Step 3. Move all numbers to the right of the line by performing the opposite operation. 
Step 4. Isolate the variable.
Let's look at some examples of solving one-step equations. 
Whenever you solve a word problem involving a one-step equation you are finding the value of the variable. 
The key to solving one-step equations with addition and subtraction is, whatever operation you perform on one side of the equation, you must also perform on the other side of the equation. 
In order to isolate your variable, you perform an "Inverse Operation" which means if you have subtraction the inverse operation is addition.