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Linear Measurement, Area Measurement ,and Volume Measurement

Hi welcome to MooMooMath. Today we are going to talk about comparing dimensions, and this is a very conceptual topic. I have three objects that represent your three measures in geometry. The first is a tape measure for linear measurements, a rug for area, and a coke can for volume. The linear measure is when you are measuring distance like when you are putting in trim at your house. You want to put some trim around and you will make a linear measure like 10 feet long. For an area rug you will have two dimensions you will have a length and a width and you will find the area which is two dimensional. The last one is volume which is what is contained in a space so it is 3 dimensional so it is taking a length times a width times a height. In this case it is a cylinder so you take πr^2 which is the area of the base times the height, so you take the second dimension and multiple it by a third dimension to get the volume. Now those are the three basic dimensions in units when you are doing application problems. Let’s say we are measuring a linear problem, your answer would be in centimeters, if you are finding an area your units are in squared or in this case centimeters squared because it is in two dimensions. Now for volume you will write your units in centimeters cubed. because you are looking at three dimensions. So that is the concept behind comparing dimensions. Linear is just a distance in one dimension, area is two dimensional because it is length times width, and volume is three dimensional because you have length, width, and height and the units are always cubed. So you have linear, area, and volume. Hope this was helpful

Comparing Linear measurement, Area, and Volume

Linear Measure measures distance or length and is one dimensional.

An Area Measure measures length times width and is two dimensional so it is squared

Volume Measure measures length times width times height so is a three dimensional so it is cubed.

For Example:

If you measure this line in centimeters the Linear measure would be Centimeters  cm
Volume would be cubed  cm
Area would be squared cm
Comparing dimensions in Geometry from linear,to area, to volume.