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How do you find absolute value on a Ti-84 calculator ?

finding absolute value-Ti-84 calculator
Step 1. Press the Math button to open the Math menu

Step 2. Use the right arrow button to highlight the NUM menu.
Step 3. Press ENTER or 1 to select ABS

Step 4. Enter the problem inside the parenthesis

Use (-) button instead of the subtract button for negative numbers

properties absolute value
|a| ≥ 0 

Absolute value will not be less than 0

For example
| 4| = 4                                                                                                                           
 |-8| =8

 properties of absolute value

Absolute Value Graph

Here is the graph for     y=|x+2|
absolute value graph
Whenever you have an absolute value graph, the shape will look like a “v” or an upside down “v” 
  • When the absolute value function equals y = |x + b| the graph will move b units to the left.
  • When the absolute value function equals y = |x - b| the graph will move b units to the right.
  • When the absolute value function equals y = |x| + c the graph will move up c units.
  • When the absolute value function equals y = |x| - c the graph will move down c units.
The symbols for absolute value are called “bars” and look like this. | | 
For example |-2| =2 or |4| =4

Absolute value can also be written using “abs( )
For example abs(-2) =2 or abs(4) =4

Symbol for Absolute Value

Questions answered in this video..

What is the definition of absolute value?

What is the relationship of numbers on a number line and absolute value?

What is absolute value anyway?

Properties of Absolute Value

 properties of absolute value
 absolute value
|b| = a    is the same as   b = ±a

Let's see an example of this absolute value property

|x+3| =6   is the same as x+3 = ± 6  

as a result you will have two solutions

x+3= 6      and  x+3=-6

x=3                     x=-9

|a × b| = |a| × |b|      let's look at several examples:

|3 x 4| = 12   and |3| x|4| = 12

|-5 x 3| =15   and |-5| x |3| = 15

|2x-3| =6 and |2| x |-3| 6
number line illustrating definition of absolute value

Hi welcome to MooMoomath Today we are going to look at absolute value Well first of all you have to be able to recognize it. Absolute value falls between two vertical lines and there is a value inside that. It’s kinda like a jailbird that’s a good way to think about it. Ok here is our first example. What is the absolute value of negative 5, positive 5 What is the absolute value of positive four? Four What is the absolute value of negative is negative ten Those are the three examples Now let’s take a look at the rules and we will look at these again slowly. What are the rules? Well absolute value is the distance that number is from zero and it is always positive. Think about a runner and you could never tell me I ran a negative distance. So let’s look at our three examples. So let’s look at negative five and if it helps you to draw a number line just draw a number line So here is negative five and zero so how far away is it Just five units away it’s a positive five Four is four units from zero therefore the absolute value is four. Now this last one is tricky because we have a negative outside the absolute value so what’s the absolute value of negative ten it is positive ten but the negative on the outside makes the answer negative 10 Don’t be tricked by the negatives on the outside. If you have a negative on the outside the answer will be negative even if it is negative or positive on the inside. Hope this was helpful

Absolute Value of a Number

Whenever you have a negative symbol on the outside -| x | or - |- x | the negative value applies: For example -| 6 | = -6       -| -7 | = -7

Here are some examples of "absolute value of a number" problems: 

|-7 | =7  

|0-4| = |-4 | = 4

- |3-1| = -|2| = -2

-| 5 - 2 - 5 | = -|3 -5| = -|-2| = -2

|-8-5| + | 6+4| = |-13| + | 10 | = 13 + 10 =23

​Common Core Standard 6.NS.7

Absolute Value is the distance a number is from zero

The absolute value of a number is never negative; because it only asks "how far?", not "in which direction?" 

The absolute value of an integer  means that | 5 | = 5, because 5 is five units to the right of zero, but also | –5 | = 5, because –5 on a number line is 5 units to the left of zero.

number line
red line
green line over a number line

Definition of Absolute Value